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Nobuyo Chiba's Beaded Dollhouse Furniture

The Beaded Dollhouse: Miniature Furniture and Accessories Made with BeadsNobuyo Chiba is an extraordinary Japanese beader who is just gaining attention in North America. Her work was recently featured in the February/March issue of Beadwork magazine. She makes exquisite beaded miniatures which include tiny doll house furniture at 1/24 scale. This is a testament of her beading talent for she works not only with small beads but at half the scale most doll house hobbyists aim for.

You can see some of the designs in Amazon's book preview of her new book The Beaded Dollhouse: Miniature Furniture and Accessories Made with Beads which has full instructions for six complete rooms.

But she doesn't stop there. Nobuyo's website also features other designs including a menagerie of cute animals. Alas, her kits are currently available only in Japanese. But she plans to publish more books in English.

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  1. Wow!!! The beaded dollhouse furniture is awesome. What little girl wouldn't love it, and collectors too. Beautiful.


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