Jewelry for cell phones is much more popular outside North America, particularly in Asia, although the idea may be catching on here. Geeksugar reported that the owner of the online store C'Elegance started selling designer cellphone jewelry after she visited Hong Kong and got the idea there. PopGadget also pointed another site by Yumi Chen which sells beautiful Swarovski cell phone fobs (left) for $30 each.

One of the most unusual cell phone charms has to be this tiny genuine cactus belonging to Sha Sha Chu . She explains on her Flickr site that the cactus hangs outside her pocket so it gets some sun. There are holes in the bottom which allows her to dip it in water every couple of weeks to water it!

So designing your very own cell phone charms is another idea for us beaders. Or for that matter, beaded key chains. I plan to get some cell phone lanyards etc so look out for those!
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