This clever bracelet embodies the twin design goals of form and function. It is a both a sleek piece of jewelry as well as a cell phone. Why carry a phone when you can wear it? It's also a great product for anyone who habitually mislays cell phones.

This is the work of a Chinese industrial designer, Tao Ma who has been getting plenty of media attention for his innovative cell phone designs. The latest version of his bracelet design is blue-tooth and incorporates a MP3 player (used with earbuds) to boot. Everything is hidden - even the ten number buttons are disguised as coloured jewels. The bracelet vibrates with incoming calls and messages. The compactness of this design compensates for its lack of a display screen.

Before anyone rushes off to check for a supplier, please note the cell phone was created for the Liteon Competition and is still a concept. But as cell phone-cum-jewelry designs go, it sure beats these designs for universal appeal and marketability.