Graham is not only an experienced jewelry maker, but a new father. He came to our most recent workshop with a special project in mind - a gift for his wife for when their baby arrived.

Inspired by a nursing bracelet design he saw in Parenting Canada, he decided to make it in a different colour and added his own personal touches.

Nursing bracelets help new mums remember which breast the baby fed from last (which hand the bracelet is on) and when that feed was (position of the marker). Any mother who has experienced brain fog from sleep deprivation will understand how useful this device can be.

His memory wire bracelet consisted of mostly red bicones with smaller black bicones at each end. Tiny seed bead accents were also included. The four red bicones between the numbers represent 15 minute blocks within the 12 hour period covered by the bracelet. A single bicone dangle was added to one end. The marker consisted of a lobster clasp decorated with a blue millefiore heart. The lobster clasp was not big enough to clip onto the bracelet so an extension made up of a short piece of sterling silver chain and a closed ring was used.

What a thoughtful gift! Congratulations to Graham and his wife on the birth of their daughter last week.

Beader Design : #116

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