India has long been famous as an important source of gemstones, skilled artisans and rich jewelry designs. So it is to no one's surprise to see the magnificence of traditional Indian bridal jewelry.

An Indian bride is literally covered in jewelry from her lovely head to her dainty toes. The gemstones and the particular design of the jewelry set in gold are chosen to compliment her trousseau. The bride here chose a choker necklace rather than a long style which suits her higher neckline. What looks like garnets and the gold settings match her veil. Apart from the necklaces, bangles, earrings, armbands, anklets and toe rings, three jewelry items are distinctly Indian - the maangtika, the nath and the ring bracelet.

The maangtika or tikka is the most essential and traditional item. This elaborate headpiece graces the forehead of the bride, following the hairline just so. Another must-have is the nath or naath, the nose ring - it may or may not be attached to a chain which is then hooked into the hair. The ring bracelet as its name suggests is actually two pieces of jewelry connected by a chain. The wearing of some styles of jewelry like the ring bracelet or the chained nose ring will depend on particular caste custom.

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Photo credit : Saad took this stunning photo and shared it on his Flickr site where he received many well-deserved accolades from other photographers.


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