Graham had already surprised me before when he designed a nursing bracelet for his wife just prior to the birth of their first child. I didn't know what a nursing bracelet was!

And he did so again by designing a pair of matching memory wire bracelets for his wife and daughter although the latter will have to wait a few more years yet before she can wear it!

He used plenty of round snowflake obsidian gemstone beads. As these had a touch of grey on them, he chose grey silver lined seed beads. But for the bright colour contrast, he went for bright light pink beads. The one solitary purple bead is special for it is a UV-sensitive bead that is a creamy white bead when it is indoors. What a great idea for both Mum and daughter to have an indicator when to put on more sunscreen or seek shade.

Beader Design # 170
The Beading Gem's Journal
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