Those of us who make jewelry, do it because we enjoy it but also because we appreciate the chance to make each item exactly how we like it. So I was suitably intrigued when I came across this Engagement Ring Builder software program from Abazias, an online diamond jeweller. It allows people to customize diamond engagement rings to suit their pocket and their tastes.

The software does address the 4 C’s of diamond selection. As you can see from my try out picture, I chose an emerald cut diamond weighing in at a modest 0.50 carat. I could then select the setting I liked. The range of acceptable clarity can also be personalised – from IF, internally flawless down to I1 which will have inclusions (flaws) noticeable to experienced eyes. The colour selection for white diamonds is determined by a lettering system from D to Z. This particular jeweller sells mostly colourless (D-F) or near colourless diamonds (G-J). K diamonds would have a faint tint and Z ones will have a noticeable yellow tint. These hues are not to be confused with fancy coloured diamonds which have their own colour grading systems.

I propose two more C’s. The fifth C should really be cost as what this nifty little software does is let individuals conveniently decide what factors they value above others to meet their budget. For instance, some may prefer near perfection in colour and clarity but will compromise on a smaller diamond. The sixth C is optional and it stands for certificate. A certificate is not an appraisal to determine value. A certificate is a report confirming the diamond’s statistics after assessment preferably by an independent laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Trade Laboratory.'s How to evaluate diamond's How to evaluate diamond colour
GIA Gem Trade Laboratory