Erica created this bracelet - her very first design effort from quite a while ago. Like all designers, inspiration can come from many sources and in this case, it came from one of my creations using double-holed beads.

Double holed beads are ideally suited for bracelets. You could consider them "natural" connectors for two strands of beads. The beautifully muted green square carved gemstone beads here is new jade. The name is a misnomer for it is not jade at all but serpentine, the name for a group of related minerals. I suspect this is bowenite because of of the black inclusions. Gem-grade serpentine is a marvellous and less expensive alternative to jade and has been used not only as jewelry but in carvings.

Erica warmed up the cool green tones of this gemstone very subtly with round rose quartz beads and complimented her metal clasp with pewter beads.

Beader Design #180