Today is a day where I "stop the press" for it is a red letter day. I pause to reflect on what it is like to blog.

A blog is short for web log, an online commentary on a favourite subject or a personal diary. This latest phenomenon is taking the internet by storm. reported the number of blogs in 2005 was 22 million. By 2010, the worldwide number will approach 1 billion! This translates to 120,000 blogs being created each day worldwide or 1.4 blogs per second. Every conceivable subject that can be covered is covered from political blogs to making money on the internet to cooking blogs. Even big companies are getting in on the act.

Why blog? The reasons vary - a need to share information or voice an opinion, a love of writing are but some of them. Blogs are much more interactive than static websites as the information is updated frequently and readers are encouraged to participate. Blogging is hard work and for most part, a lonely activity. A blogger is uncertain especially in the early days if he or she even has an audience. But slowly, climbing subscriptions, commenting and mapping tools do indicate an increasing readership.

The red letter day comes when another blog chooses to write about your work because they like it. So it was a great thrill when (now called BeadJewelryBlog) asked me for more information on The Beading Gem's Journal so that they could feature my blog. You can read the full article here and some of you will recognise mentions of your designs!
The Beading Gem's Journal
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