The agates are a lovely group of gemstones displaying a wide variety of textures, bands, swirls and other markings. It is thought that the name came from the Achates (Drillo today) River in Sicily. This gemstone has a long history of use as a talisman against all sorts of dangers and misfortune. One 11th century French bishop even proclaimed that the agate granted the wearer the favour of God!

Therefore Catherine must be doubly fortunate for she designed her necklace using two types of agate. The rectangular tubes of crazy lace agate show a creamy base with delicate swirls of grey and pale orange. She balanced this with round moss agate beads. Moss agate is so called because of its well, moss-like inclusions. Catherine added large pewter beads which in the earrings, help tie in with the sterling silver ear wires. The tiny gold metal beads pick up on the orange hues of the crazy lace agate. Taken all together, Catherine designed herself an elegant necklace!

Beader Design # :196

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