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A reader just told me she hadn't realised there were such things as jewelry blogs and I am pleased to hear she is now a fan. So if you are new to blogs, there are a couple of ways to subscribe to this blog absolutely free and not miss a post. For a list of what this blog is about, check here.


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You must confirm with another click on the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you. Please check your spam box if you don't get the notice. Contact me if you have any trouble. Rest assured your privacy is important to me - your email will never be given to others.


You can follow me on Facebook Twitter  My daily blog posts appear there. I often share extra tidbits especially on Facebook which do not make it to my blog.


No email clutter!  The posts will be there waiting for you. First you need a reader.

I really like Bloglovin' (free). Beautiful presentation, large images and a Pinterest-like style.  The search function for blogs of interest is also easy to use. It also allows you save posts you like.  You can follow me here.


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  1. This is a neat blog. It is nice to see people so interested in gems and jewelry. I will back again and again!

  2. WOW, my first ever blog subscription........your the best. its nice to have a handmade jewelry blog. keep up the good work and ill keep reading and recomending.

  3. Welcome, Chourtnii! Enjoy my blog and the inspirations I write about.

  4. beadingbonnieAverizon.netSeptember 4, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    Just signed up for your emails. The beads are so yummy, how to decide what to order. How exciting to enter the $35 Giveaway for Fabulous Beads. My fingers are tingleing with excitement.

  5. I have an interesting item I'm trying to identify , would you be interested in seeing it? It is a bracelet., I thought at first it was cloisonné, ,but not sure now. It looks as if it is painted on clay discs. The metal may be gold plated .

    1. Not sure I can help, but sure send me a picture


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