Grace may only be just nine years old but she is a source of inspiration to us all. She has an innate sense of colour and design as you can see with this creation using rather fruity colours. The main beads that caught her eye were the chunky green-pink glass bricks which simulate the bi-coloured gemstone, watermelon tourmaline. She added orange crackle beads and apple green dagger beads for more fruity flavours to her awesome funky necklace.

She unerringly showed us we can indeed introduce a multitude of colours into a design. What's more, Grace designs at a blurry speed! Kids are often decisive, they seldom hesitate and never wonder if this should go with that. "Just do it" seems to be Grace's motto, one we adults should perhaps adopt when designing jewelry.

Beader Design #: 197
The Beading Gem's Journal
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