I have been blogging for quite some time resulting in about 3000 posts with tons of information. I was prompted to write this post by some readers who aren't exactly sure how to find those little nuggets of information.

Here are the six ways you can look :

There is a search box at the top of the rightmost side bar. Type in what interests you and click on "Search Blog". If I have blogged on it, the relevant posts will magically appear.

If you have stumbled upon a themed series and can't find the other posts, use the search box. Type in the theme title I used for example "For the Younger Set" as for this post and then the other post in the series should appear in the search results.

If you are a beader from a workshop or party, just type in your name and all the posts with that first name will appear. Mind you, there may be more than one say, Cathy, but you'll know which is yours.

Also on the right bar further down is the Blog Archive. All individual posts in the current month are shown as titles. To open up a past month's post listings, click on the directional triangle.  I've also got the blog's archives expressed as a Table of Contents page for those who wish to sample.

The best tips, techniques and resources are now gathered together on my hub page called JEWELRY MAKING TIPS. This is the best way of searching via technique.  Jewelry artisans might also find my JEWELRY BUSINESS TIPS useful. The EARRING DESIGN IDEAS hub is great for those stumped for ideas.

A neat way to search is to view my blog through just the images.  Clicking on an individual image will open up that particular post.

Subscribers only receive individual posts, so please do visit my blog itself to do some serious panning and digging for those nuggets!  Here are some of the ways to explore the back posts.

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