Cloisonne beads are beautifully intricate metal enamelled beads. This type of bead making has been a Beijing-based craft for centuries. Their ornate style though may make many beaders hesitate. What do you do with cloisonne beads?

Here we have a designer, Deidry, who chose to show off the cloisonne by using pale pink pearls for the rest of the design. The pink colour is picked up from the pale background hue of the cloisonne beads. Like all good designers, Deidry pays attention to detail. She used metal beads to bracket the cloisonne beads which in turn matches the metal elements of her focal beads and the metal clasp. Tiny teal seed beads at the clasp end also compliment the green parts of the cloisonne beads.

The next post will highlight a different approach to working with cloisonne.

Beader Design # : 206
The Beading Gem's Journal
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