Beadweaving is fun to do for all ages. The children who made these bracelets and necklace worked with no less than four colours each. Grace (9) who made the top three bracelets was not only fast but she had no difficulty coming up with any number of colour combinations. The top one reminds me of old military or naval uniforms - white pants, black tunics and gold buttons! She made them mostly for her mother.

The second last from the bottom was a necklace made by Kara (9) using a very pretty Spring/Easter selection of hues. Girls are often good at coming up with a young and fresh palette of colours.

Mark (10) made the very last bracelet as a Christmas gift for his teacher. What a great idea! Something handmade from a pupil would mean so much more than just a store bought trinket. After all, which teacher needs yet another wooden apple pencil holder? Jewelry however, is another matter. There is no such thing as too much jewelry, right?

Beadweaving Collection #2
The Beading Gem's Journal
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