At six years of age, Corey holds the current record for the youngest beader at a Beading Gem party ever. He was fascinated with the beads, particularly the organics. If I had had shark's teeth beads in my collection, his eyes would have lit up even more.

But he soon found an excellent substitute - a bone dagger bead. He added shells, some painted wooden beads and two more black bone beads to his design. His necklace was strung on a thin leather cord with adjustable knots, making it very easy for him to put it on himself.

It was a grand design for such a young lad and to mark the occasion, his mother made him change into a white tee-shirt for the photo. Little does he know, this is just the first of many occasions when he will be made to change into a white shirt!

His mother found him later sitting in the family room, desperately clutching his necklace. When she inquired if everything was okay, he fervently declared, " I JUST LOVE IT!"

Beader Design #: 239