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Tibetan Mandala Wire Puzzle Bracelet

A reader recently sent me an email and a couple of mobile phone pictures of a bracelet she once bought from a craft fair in Vancouver, Canada.

Karen loves this bracelet made from silver wire decorated with gemstone and silver beads. It transforms into a chalice, atom, hour glass and so on. The accompanying 5-6 inch long wooden stick allows it to be worn as a hair ornament. Everyone admires it and Karen enjoys manipulating it much like worry beads to keep her hands busy. It has a calming effect.

She wanted to know where it comes from. Although it reminded me of collapsible wire puzzles for children, I really did not know. So I put out the question literally worldwide - as far away as Australia. And sure enough, my jewelry making colleagues offered the answer - probably from India.

Mandalas date back thousands of years.

Karen wrote to tell me she is going to order several for her young relatives for Christmas for they do indeed make fun, unusual and pretty gifts!

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  1. yes wire mandala are built by indian artists. These are available. You may contact on

  2. it is infact a Tibetan M\andala, used for meditation, not actually jewellerym i make these myself :)

  3. That may well be the original purpose but jewelry lovers see the potential in anything that could be adornment!


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