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Chinese knots began as a folk art about a thousand years ago and is still popular today. Sometimes combined with tassels, they were used to decorate many things from ladies' fans to hairdos, coats and even sword hilts.

A modern day American jewelry designer, BJ, who credits her creativity to her passion for the art, was able to take that extra step and do something totally different. She incorporated this ancient craft in her striking necklace design featuring just a single large poppy jasper focal bead.

The gemstone's distinctive pattern and colours were perfectly balanced with the gold silk cord Prosperity knot just above it. Antique gold beads and a decorative clasp complete this unusual creation. Chinese knots are traditionally considered good luck charms so this necklace is doubly blessed with good fortune and great design!

You can check out the original design on her Etsy store, Adornments by BJ and read more about what interests her on her blog. Picture with kind permission from BJ.

Gemstone Information

Orbicular jasper is a type of jasper with many names, sometimes referring to where they are mined. Poppy jasper, also called poppy stone or poppy patterned jasper is from California. Ocean jasper is another name for the gemstone from Madagascar. Other familiar names are leopardskin jasper, Owyhee jasper and picture jasper. For a much longer list, check this website.

Chinese Knot Tutorials

Satin cord company has some excellent instructions on a variety of knots including the Josephine (double coin), Chinese button knot, adjustable sliding knot, Chinese snake knot and all sorts of resources. Also of note are their braided cord necklace tutorials.

Chinese Knotting covers the flower, stellar, treasure and connection knots.

Trinity London does not have tutorials but explains the meanings behind some of the knots.
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