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When we think of making rings, we often think of the metal variety. However, not everyone is into wire. If working with wire gets you "wound up" then try beadweaving instead.

The lovely Swarovski crystal ring at top left was created using right angle weaving by Jenean Matthews of Michigan, USA. She used a single 8 mm bicone and 4 mm bicone crystals with an AB (aurora borealis) finish. Notice the rainbow-like play of colours from these clear crystal beads. Jenean loves bling so she is fond of making jewelry that sparkles and shines.

I was also taken with her choice of beads for her second creation which she called "Silver Ice". Here she used a two holed metal slider bead with AB crystals as the accent and round silver-toned beads for the beadweaving. The same technique but two very different looking rings.

Pictures with kind permission from Jenean. You can check out her other creations on her Etsy store and her blog appropriately called Designs by Jenean.

Beadweaving series


Jenean makes it look easy. Some beaders may not like working with something this small where sizing, keeping even tension or hiding the knot can be challenging. But if you're game, here are some tutorials you can "try on for size"!

Right angle weaving is very popular with Japanese beaders. Hachimitsu8 has a tutorial on right angle basics. She also shows off more intricate rings here - she mentions that she doesn't use needles to weave at all. Nylon monofilament (4-8 lb fishing line) is a popular "thread".

WikiHOW's How to make a Bead Ring covers the bare basics. Rather insipid beads are used but their instructions are clear on how to begin and end.

Witty Living.com's Gigi's Flower Beaded Ring incorporates 4 bicones to form a flower and ladder stitched seed beads.

One of my favourites. All Info About's Hugs and Kisses Beaded Ring.

A little more challenging is Evette Pott's Peyote Stitch Beaded Ring.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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