Many women prefer very subdued jewelry but really, the one sure way to catch people's eyes is to wear striking colours. Or conversely, use such jewelry to "punch up" a neutral outfit.

This week's mini series : Be Bold with Colour will feature three beader creations where the designers were not afraid to design with strong colours....and more importantly, wear them!

Brenda used orangish-gold crystals coupled with orange-red beads to great effect. The large gold foil bead of the left pair of earrings leads down to smaller dangles whereas the right pair were simple dangles. Red and orange are both warm colours - the contrast in this case is one is darker toned than the other. The foil bead earrings also had the metallic elements like the pewter beads and the stripped feature of the foil beads for variation on this hot theme. It sure warms the heart especially when there are still several inches of snow outside.

Beader Design #: 282

Be Bold with Colour : Part 1 of 3
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