Many people pick blue as their favourite colour as it is a subdued, cool hue and restful on the eyes. However, there is one type of blue which fits the bold theme - cobalt blue. This necklace was designed by Robin. Simple yet elegant and sure to be a conversation piece. Only one bold colour was used and doesn't it stand out?

She started with the stunning faceted glass focal bead and teamed it with silver-lined bugle beads and round silver balls. The cobalt blue colour theme continued with dagger beads in two sizes and some seed beads.

Did you know cobalt blue was first used as a colour name as far back as 1777? Cobalt blue is made from cobalt (a kind of metal) salts and is used in the production of glass, inks, paints, varnishes and even blue concrete. The English watercolour artist, John Varley (1778-1842) suggested it as a cheaper bright blue alternative to ultramarine pigment for painting the sky. Before the advent of synthetic pigments, ultramarine was made from one of our favourite gemstones, lapis lazuli.

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Lapis lazuli : The Twice Precious Gemstone. Lapis lazuli pigment was so expensive Rennaisance artists reserved it for painting the blue robes of the Virgin Mary.

Beader Design #: 283

Be Bold with Colour : Part 2 of 3
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