Now this is seriously bold. When working with so many colours, it is easy to go seriously wrong. It takes a deft designer, one with confidence and flair for colours to pull off such a multi-coloured bracelet and wear it too.

Shapes not colours were the consistent elements of Susan's bracelet. Large bumpy lampwork beads were separated by cube millifiore and pale seed beads. If you have a gift for colour as Susan has, you won't need a colour wheel or study colour theory.

Susan is also a knitter and quilter and I wonder if she even knows about Kaffe Fassett, the San Francisco-born but London, England based designer famous for his use of many bold colours in his work - needlepoint, mosaic, patchwork, knitting and painting?

The Fire Mountain Gems Style team have also been at work with their 2008 Spring/Summer forecast . Thanks Susan, for that last tip!

Beader design #: 284

Be Bold with Colour : Part 3 of 3

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