Feature Designer

Nathalie Girard is a Canadian artisan based in Calgary. She has been into crafts all her life and excels in designing both jewelry and various pieces of art.

Her handmade specialities includes gemstones, lamp work beads and polymer clay. Her wire work is also lovely. However, it is her polymer clay designs which really show the outstanding artist in her.

The design I chose amongst so many of her beautiful creations was this earthy bronzite and metallic polymer clay pendant. There is a tribal feel about this design. She took the gemstone cabochon and worked her magic to create a handmade frame using Premo high-quality polymer clay and Pearl Ex metallic pigments. Her metallic touches pays homage to the bronzite's submetallic lustre which has made this gemstone a favourite with many people.

I recently wrote and shared some tips about jewelry photography. Well, Nathalie not only has beautiful photos of her work, but she has got to be the poster girl for artistic composition and backgrounds. The attention to detail about all aspects of her jewelry making is truly inspirational. A peek at her metalchasers gallery shows you how she uses rocks, flowers, shells, sand and even netting to really show case her designs.

Nathalie is the first artisan I have featured who markets her work not only on Etsy but also on Ruby Lane here. Her Etsy store is aptly named - Canadian Rockies Art! You can ogle her current wares in both places. Picture with kind permission from Nathalie.

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