Fun with multi coloured glass beads
Part 1 of 3

Most, if not all of us, would agree that working with colour is a lot of fun in jewelry design. Working with multi-coloured glass beads is doubly so.

Furnace or cane glass is made from large canes of glass consisting of smaller canes encased in clear glass which are then extruded and cut to form beads with distinctive stripes. What we see are the bands of colour but I often wish the glass makers would develop some way of placing the bead holes differently because the cross-section of cane glass beads are also very attractive.

I have had these cane glass beads for the longest time and wondered if anyone would ever see their potential. Perhaps they were just waiting for Gerry to come along! I love the way Gerry took the time to pick just the right selection of metallic, plain cube and seed beads to suit the cane glass beads she chose for her necklace and earrings. The resulting colour mix is simply elegant!

Beader Design #: 310
The Beading Gem's Journal