Fun with multi-coloured beads
Part 2 of 3

Millefiore beads which come in a variety of colours and shapes are great fun to use in jewelry designs. One person who can attest to that is 12-year old Kate who came to a recent workshop for the first time.

She actually made three pairs of earrings in total. Her millefiore ones here show her spunky approach to design. She teamed the blue and purplish pink millefiore beads with an eclectic mix of small pastel rectangular beads, both in plain and inside colour-lined varieties. For her orange and yellow earrings, Kate just went with a riot of seed bead colours.

Kate enjoyed herself so much that she was full of questions about how many earrings she was allowed to make and how soon she could come back again. If Debbie and I had a workshop the very next day, Kate would have been first in line! We like to start them young on the slippery slope to beadaholicism.

Beader design #: 311

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