Fun with multi-coloured beads
Part 3 of 3

Grace is very lucky to have two young grand-daughters to design bracelets for. We had this discussion whether she should make identical ones or not. In the end, Grace decided to make them different for the girls were no longer little and were more likely to appreciate their individuality being aknowledged by their loving grandmother.

Grace's first grand-daughter bracelet shows her love for colour. She picked square millefiore beads in different colours and then - this is the interesting part - she added wire-wrapped beads in between! These wire-wrapped beads are usually used as connectors or in earrings such as in this past post, Of planets and comets earrings. But as I often remark, there should be no rules in design, only what looks pleasing to the designer. This bracelet design also shows why I love working with beginners. They have no preconception of what is "usual" and are therefore able to take unusual steps.

Beader design #: 312
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