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Layered Vintage Brass Earrings

Jillian knew quite a few things already before she attended her first workshop. She knew about jewelry pliers, she knew how to open and close jump rings properly and she very quickly knew what she wanted to create. All she really needed was to have the vintage findings box right in front of her!

Her inspiration came from the (store-bought) earrings of someone else in the workshop. It was a silver coloured chained earrings sporting round metal discs. So Jillian set to work to create her own take on this style. The resulting earrings were a vision of metallic draperies!

Beader Design #: 288
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. Those earrings are great, my daughter (who is 22) would wear them in a heartbeat! That's totally her style.

  2. The earrings are very cool, sort of reminds me of autumn in a way. I love the combination of so many of the same, I've seen a lot of brass layering but sometimes it's a little too eclectic. These also seem like they would jingle or clink a little in a pleasing way ^_^


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