Revitalising Jewelry Part 3 of 3

Let's face it. The typical medic-alert bracelet whilst potentially life-saving is as dull as ditchwater. Alice, who is diabetic, thought hers utterly boring, so much so she saved a newspaper article about trendy assessories for those with medical conditions. The article also featured a stylish medic alert bracelet from Creative Medical ID.

She brought it to a beading party, along with a pretty elasticated lampwork bead bracelet she had. This bracelet was actually accented with pewter beads. Alice saved them for another project after she took it apart.

The chain from the medic alert bracelet was removed but the lobster clasp was recycled. Alice added brass beads as spacers to tie in with the golden hue of the alert tag. She really appreciated the clasp at the tag end because when she put her revitalised bracelet, what she sees are those gorgeous lampwork beads not the tag!

Beader Design # : 304
The Beading Gem's Journal