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Sometimes some beads are so pretty they are irresistible. These two pieces look like they could be a set but were really made by two different people and going to two different homes! Sharon made the bracelet and Elsie made the earrings.

The white lamp work beads were delicately decorated in pinks and greens and were a lovely contrast to the pink round beads. Sharon highlighted the green by choosing two tone crystal beads and green seed beads in exactly the same shade. But Elsie did just the opposite - she used pink pearlised seed beads instead. Even with almost the same main beads, both designers did put their own twist to their designs.

Beads From Widgets' Beads Collection

Beader Design #:291-292
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. The color matching is excellent, but Pearl, how do you find the match?

    ~ Corra

  2. We get the colour matching simply by having A LOT of beads. You're talking to a beadaholic whose mantra is "There is no such thing as too many beads"!

  3. But Pearl - how do you find them both (I mean Sharon and Elsie) at the same time? :D

  4. Both Sharon and Elsie attended the same workshop. When one beader finds beads, another might also be inspired to use the same beads! Beading is very contagious!

  5. Sistren Pearl,
    Are either Sharon or Elsie members of the Alpha Kappa Aalpha sorority? Those shades of pink and green are known as AKA colours. Or was this just a case of great minds thinking alike?
    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  6. Just noticed mispelling...
    Alpha Kappa Alpha is correct.
    Lady Roots

  7. It was a case of great minds think alike, Lady Roots! Although I was intrigued to learn these were sorority colours. Bless up!


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