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An unusual red and yellow colour combo

Yellow is not a wildly popular colour. I wonder if it is because some of the shades don't flatter certain complexions? With that said, Cathy's red and yellow combination is even more unusual judging from the hundreds of designs I have seen.

The yellow colour is in the flat square millefiore beads in the bracelet and the round and seed beads in the earrings. The red beads varied in intensity - the deepest red ones were the almost black hearts on the earrings.

Designing your own jewelry is the only way to get the colour combinations exactly as you like. And for Cathy this is definitely a like!

Beader Design #: 289
The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. This is my favorite way of finding new colors to use together-- multicolored beads. This is a great combination and almost seems "oriental", just reminds me of a favorite paperweight my mom had from Korea with deep red and yellow flowers. Very pretty set!

  2. I love pattern beads like those millefiore ones...they allow you to expand beyond your "comfort zone"! I like yellows personally, but find that translucent beads can change colors depending on skin tone...and become rather ugly. Oh well, to each their own!


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