Spring Action
Part 1 of 3

Debbie (Widget's Beads) is desperate. The winter has not been that bad but as anyone living in the snow belt will tell you, this season has however been l-o-n-g and it is starting to grate on one's nerves. This weekend, some small patches of snow could still be seen in sheltered yards and ice around the edges of lakes.

Debbie, an avid gardener, has been thwarted repeatedly by the weather. Just when we think we've seen the last of the white stuff and can begin planning for some spring yard work, we get yet another snow storm. Flicking through her favourite gardening catalogues probably made it worse as the pretty flower pictures just made her yearn for her garden even more. The garden is still there, only it's brown and dead looking.

So she made this colourful gemstone chip necklace entwined with an equally colourful strand of seed beads on a cord to cheer herself up and remind her of spring which surely must arrive soon. It is also a peace offering to Old Man Winter to give it a rest until next January!

Beader Design #: 317
The Beading Gem's Journal
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