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What Kind of Beader Are You?

Jewelry artisans are most often defined by what kind of jewelry they make - chain maille specialist or beadweaver and so on. I admit it's hard to pigeon hole all those creative souls out there who possess many skills. But there is another way to categorize beaders. Do you see yourself in the following types?

The Casual Beader
This type of beader likes beading but can take or leave it especially if there are other things to do. Sometimes these people are adept in other crafts too so their time is divided. Casual beaders like Deidry - the picture shows her working at a workshop some time ago - are happy just dabbling with their hobby. They are likely to have a small stash of beads - small as in it's all still portable! And have no wish to get sucked into the next category of beaders.

The Beadaholic Beader
Beads are so pretty. And the gemstones? A steal if you can make your own gemstone jewelry. The trouble is, beads are sold in packets or on strings. A project often needs different types of beads so the casual beader starts to acquire more and then some. Nikki, a previously featured designer on this blog admits "I never seem to have enough to finish a big piece off - well, that's what I tell my husband!". Between impulse buys, gotta have buys, omigod it's on sale buys, you can well imagine how bead stashes grow.

Another thing about beadaholics - we sure know how to justify our bead obsessions. Beads are tiny and a whole lot of beads still pack into a small space unlike fabric and yarn stashes. Swarovski crystals are sooooo much cheaper than real diamonds and gemstones. A packet of beads really doesn't cost much compared to say, a flat screen tv or the latest electronic gadget. The kids can always use some for their crafts. I will save so much money making gifts for Christmas and birthdays. I don't smoke nor drink so a bead addiction is, as vices go, pretty harmless. You get the drift.

The Panic Beader
I dare say we are all panic beaders at some point. It's that flurry of activity leading up to a craft show or making something for some one's birthday which puts us into frenzied mode. There aren't enough hours in the day and we've left it too late. We forgot to buy something essential. Arrrgh! However, some designers work best under pressure so this is not necessarily a bad thing for them.

The Compulsive Beader
The need to create is sometimes so strong in really artistic people they don't feel very good unless they are busy well, creating. These are the beaders who so enjoy the craft they wish they could bead all day. But of course, reality sinks in - beading for a living is still an elusive goal for most of us.

The Secret Beader
Alas, there are those who are not so fortunate with their significant others. If you have an unsupportive partner who cannot relate to your fascination for beads and jewelry making, then you are probably beading in secret. Sneaking in beads bought with cash so the purchases don't show up on the credit card statement is a common tactic. I've come across an unfortunate beader who claims beads were 70% to blame for her eventual divorce. Luckily for this lady, her new man is very enthusiastic about her chosen career for she has opened her own bead shop!

The Professional Beader
There is one way to come out of the closet, so to speak. No, no, no, I don't mean ditch the other half. Start a business related to jewelry and beads - for example, sell your handmade bling which everyone you know admires. This way, you are guaranteed to have full-fledged support from your significant other for there will be INCOME from your passion. From then on, you can justify bead purchases as Debbie (Widget's Beads, my friend and co-instructor) does with a "But honey, it's for the business."

Trust us, it works. Every time.
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  1. What a cute post! I'm totally the Beadaholic. I can't usually figure out what to create unless I'm surrounded by my stash and can try things out together.

    I've been banished to our guest room for my craft stuff to keep the mess under control :)

  2. Yeah, beadaholic here. I don't think I could ever possibly use all the beads I have! And I DO love the hunt for new beads, the perfect beads for a project, the perfect new shape I'm using .... and on and on. I can always think of a reason why I should buy more beads - any time.
    And sh-h-h .. I have been known to buy from a shop called The Beadaholique. Sh-h-h.
    Do you think there is a 12 step program for this?

  3. I am pretty sure the LARGEST category would be the beadaholic one! Nah, Bette Jo - there is no cure, no 12 step program, that would rid us of this life-long affliction.

  4. I have an armoire full containers with beads, gemstones, findings, you name it! I file my metal sheet and wires by gauge. Then I have a book shelf for my magazines and books. And I also LOVE tools. Which is great because then I have to use them and I learn new techniques. Very good post. :)

  5. Uh oh! Is it possible to be a compulsive beadaholic? I think that's what I am! Cute post :-)

  6. Sure you can! I suspect many of us would fit into most of the categories at some time or other.

  7. Im a beadaholic. I dont think it is possible to have too many beads/findings etc. 'It will get used at some point!'

  8. I am new to the bead scene and already i am a beadaholic. I eat drink and think beads all day every day. I am facinated by making far i have made 15 pairs in 1 day and i have lots and lots of tutorials, websites ect.. about the many different beads that i plan to purchase.

    sonya Lovette

  9. Welcome to the club, Sonya! A beading addiction is so much more healthy than a chocolate addiction - that's what I tell myself.

  10. Dear Pearl, I love this post. I am a Beadaholic too, I think. Even though there are traits , little bit of the other categories too in me, I have to admit. Like you said we are not chocoholics or really alcoholics!

    I come to your blog almost every day. There is some thing valuable. Keep up the good work. Dita.


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