There are many kinds of blue to suit all sorts of tastes. Here, Betty has chosen a turquoise blue shade. These rondelle beads have been mixed with three kinds of round beads - plain silver balls, filigree balls and faceted crystals. They are all silvery in colour but the different types added variety to this design.

Our word for blue comes from the old French bleu which is in turn Germanic in origin. Blue is the favourite colour of many people and gender neutral to boot. The colour blue is often the chosen colour of political parties, companies and organisations in different countries. Many familiar articles are also coloured blue like the blue handicap sign and some passports.

According to psychological studies, people are often more productive in blue rooms. Blue is also recommended by fashion consultants for interview outfits because it is associated with loyalty. I tend to think it is because blue is calming and non-confrontational in character.

Beader Design #: 330

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