Feature Designers

Aren't these beads gorgeous? I bet some of you are already salivating. They are the work of a mother and daughter team, Judy and Carrie Hamilton, Canadian lamp work artist and jewelry artisans.

I got to know of them through Gordon Uyehara, the metal clay silver artisan I had featured before. The Hamiltons had taken a class with Gordon who remembered the "nice Canadians". They are more than just nice - they are very talented and skilled artisans.

Since then, I have been "walking" through their clever website entitled The Bead Tree. The various sections of the website all link to the tree theme. You can get the dirt on them in Our Roots and find out about their other interests which includes gardening and art in Other Branches. Their blog is called News from the Tree House. You can find Judy's jewelry creations naturally in the Jewelry Grove. Looking for some sale items? Then try their Pruned Prices.

But the one section you must absolutely visit is The Bead Trunk where you will see galleries of stunning lamp work beads. Go on, and take a stroll! Here is just a small preview:

The Beading Gem's Journal