Copper is the new silver. Precious metal prices are getting costlier so many jewelry artisans are turning to copper. It is a good move because copper is gorgeously rich in colour and I envy those who can wear it.

Angela is one of those lucky people. Here she has teamed copper with basic black. The focal piece is a hammered copper disc. She used clear as well as black copper framed window beads. The long beads include the two cigar shaped beads which flank the disc as well as the long twisted black bugle beads for the rest of the necklace. Notice how she has used both dagger beads and long bronze bugle beads as dangles for a truly original design.

If you are concerned about the copper turning skin green - some people are more prone to this than others - don't wear the jewelry all the time. Take it off at night and store it in a zip lock bag. One person I came across recommends swabbing the piece with rubbing alcohol (available from the drugstore) before putting it away. This makes sense as what the alcohol does is dry the piece and removes traces of salty sweat, cosmetics etc.

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