Unusual "Body" Jewelry
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In a world where we can all have perfect white teeth (at a price), we can now add a sparkle. Tooth or dental jewelry was originally patented in 1986 in Europe after a dentist was asked to put a diamond on the tooth of a Swedish singer.

The practice spread beyond the entertainment industry and into the mainstream. Tooth jewelry has been popular in Europe for many years but is belatedly making inroads here in the North America market. The response has been overwhelming positive for these temporary and very importantly, painless (no drilling!) jewelry.

The jewelry is specifically designed for dental use. The crystal, stone or gold piece is fixed with a special adhesive and will stay in place from 6 months up to three years. Just like braces, these can be removed at any time. The fixing and removal procedure is explained on the Decodent website.

It's probably pretty on someone who has perfect white teeth to show off. As someone who had to endure dental braces for two years, I am not so sure I want anything on my teeth again!

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