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Unusual "Body" Jewelry
Part 2 of 3

Nail guards are not a new phenomenon. Best known as a fashion assessory of high born Manchu women during the Ching (Qing) dynasty (1644-1912) in late 19th century China. Long finger nails were seen as symbols of wealth and luxury - these ladies were above menial tasks. You can see a portrait of the Last Empress of China in my past post which shows her long finger nail guards. These were finely made in precious metals and decorated with gemstones. See this website for pictures of 19th century finger nail guards showing varied jewelry making techniques such as wirework, enameling. cloisonne and gem inlays.

You can still buy this type of Chinese made guards as someone on YouTube did. However, there are jewelry designers who have put their own stamp on this unusual type of jewelry.

Jules Kim of Bijulesnyc who excels in the edgier style of jewelry design, makes shorter polished brass versions (seen above). The "Serpensive" line are custom fitted on several fingers or just on the pinkie. Sure beats having to apply nail polish!

Xiva Jewels caters to the exclusive luxury market with their false nails made with 18K white and yellow gold and platinum and studded with gemstones such as diamonds or whatever their clients desire. The application system is patented. Definitely not your local drugstore rhinestone version!

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  1. Oh my. I think I'd be walking around with my fingers stiff and spread out like I was waiting for nail polish to dry. And I can't imagine how I would type. I think that kind of thing is meant for people who really DO lead a life of leisure!

  2. I could see rock stars wearing these! But even they can't type with these on.

  3. This is TOO cool. Every time I get a manicure, I end up doing the dishes and losing all my polish. I'd bet a platinum mani would last longer.

  4. I've always thought that fingernail covers had to be one of the most uncomfortable beauty aids devised, no matter how jewel-encrusted they might be!

  5. Erin- I know how you feel. It's almost not worthwhile to put polish on nails.

    Debbie - perhaps just the pinkie version wouldn't be too bad!!

  6. These are crazy I have had a hard enough time getting used to nail tips.. .. . .Diane


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