Unusual "Body" Jewelry
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Queen Victoria's (1819-1901) personal taste was for sentimental jewelry and trinkets rather than the big glitzy state crowns and jewels she had to wear when she was "on the job". She was particularly fond of lockets of hair. An early present to her aunt was a bracelet made of her own hair with a clasp of coloured jewels. She also presented her much loved governess with a brooch containing a lock of hair.

The interest in this unusual form of jewelry is still alive and well. Check out the Victorian Hairwork Society's website for more information.

More modern takes on this type of jewelry can be found amongst the Bijules collection. The New York based designer is Jules Kim whose unique creations suit those with a craving for individuality. The brand is available in several locations and online.

Amongst the hair jewelry designs is the Hairy Chest necklace (below left)made from synthetic hair. The long hair earrings shown above and below right, are cleverly marketed as hairrings! As the designer puts it - "Get the versatility of dyed hair, without the commitment!"


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