Someone on a jewelry forum wanted some suggestions to help her design jewelry for young girls as she did not know what they liked. Well, I told her that whilst pinks and purples are always popular, the kind of blue many girls go for is turquoise.

Like Juliet, aged 8. She designed these two earrings both using turquoise beads. Juliet was a lovely little girl, sweet and soft spoken. But underneath her gentle demeanour is a budding jewelry designer. For one so young, she was sure of what she wanted and how the design should look. She just strung the beads and l worked under her direction, turning the wire according to her precise directions.... "Just two dangles.... not the same length..." and so on.

She actually made three things at a recent party which again demonstrated how fast children design. So for anyone contemplating organising a children's beading party, please be forewarned!

Beader Design #: 334 -335
The Beading Gem's Journal