I am in awe of imaginative designers who can take something as mundane as old parts from discarded TVs and VCRs and make them into something wearable.

D Young,
the artisan behind Obvious Front is responsible for the funkiest robot jewelry I've ever seen and for recycling what would have gone to the landfills. That's him on the left in a photo his daughter took during a robot building demo in Kewanee, IL (Hog Capitol of the World).
He assembles the quirky bots from capacitors, wires, resistors - whatever it takes to form the body, arms, legs and heads. He has been making these robots since the 1980s long before it became cool to recycle. He says, “Every old TV is robot in kit form”! Check out his storefront on Etsy called 21st Century Folk art by oBVIoUS FRoNT!

As you can see he sometimes groups the robots in whimsical pendant sets - like two big brothers with a little sister bot or even a six pack set. They make perfect gifts for children which explains the addition of a trading card inside each bag or for your favourite computer geek. He confirms his target market on his Flickr page.

His favourite story concerns some robots which were being delivered for an art exchange show in Europe. They were actually temporarily seized by the customs officer at the German airport who must have thought they were little bots ready to do great mischief! The guy probably watched way too many science fiction movies. The robots didn't make the show but DY got it back eventually, minus a few pieces. They eventually resurfaced after he misplaced them for a year. Ja, DY - well travelled robots indeed.

He has a great sense of humor. When I asked him what was the eureka moment for his Capacitor Figures, he actually gave me a choice of two epiphanies :

1) I was helping a friend move and dropped a TV down a flight of stairs, or...
2) It was a slow afternoon in the electronic repair shop.

He told me his favourite review was this one. Very funny, DY! But how do you know what they really said about you? Well, I hope you'll count THIS review as your favourite from now on!


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