Making resin jewelry appeals to many people. There are lots of resources on the internet to help you get started such as this excellent tutorial from called 3 Ways with 2-part epoxy.

More recently, John W. Golden shared his free video tutorials (below) on how he makes his resin jewelry (rings and pendants). The first shows him preparing his artwork which is the basis of his designs. The second shows him making up the epoxy solution and working outside for ventilation. In the third, he deals with bubbles, the bane of resin jewelry making. The trick is to pour slowly and in layers. To remove the stragglers, he prefers to blow with a straw. But he actually cautions "Do not do this at home" as fumes can be accidentally inhaled! Not a good thing when you are working with epoxy resin in its liquid state.

Hair dryers held at a distance are his suggested alternatives but I wonder if resin jewelry artisans have tried what bartenders and laboratory staff do when they are carefully pouring liquids. Bartenders who make layered drinks use a teaspoon held with the scoop part in the hand and the stem pointing into the glass. Lab people use a glass rod as shown in the picture on the left. This really helps slows down the pouring even more and shouldn't form bubbles as the liquid doesn't trap bubbles as it is being dispensed..

On the other hand, the Arty Crafter who wrote a great article on the Tips and Techniques has something else to say about bubbles, " There are always going to be some bubbles somewhere no matter how hard you try and get rid of them. I recommend that you just get over it and enjoy them as part of the hand made nature of your work!" Sage advice indeed.

Resin Jewelry Tutorial Part 1

  Resin Jewelry Tutorial Part 2

  Resin Jewelry Tutorial Part 3
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