Laura and Sarah are sisters who enjoy beadweaving. Laura is 11 years old and is comfortable with mixing and matching colours like many children I've come across. She mixed 4 different colours of seed beads - pink, white, red and orange - for her necklace above. When you try and envision those colours together, you'd probably be shaking your head. No way, uh-uh. Yet, Laura's combination does work.

Sarah is 14 and likes simple designs. She is particularly fond of Japanese art and design. So it was not surprising that she chose dark almost black bone beads mixed with some wooden beads for her focal area. Then she used simple beadweaving using seed beads to form the rest of her necklace. Again, like her sister, she chose a uncommon colour combination - yellow with salmon pink with black.

Beader Designs : 372-373
The Beading Gem's Journal