Who says science and art doesn't mix? Raven Hanna is a self-confessed science geek who is also an artisan. It's no wonder her Etsy "handle" is molecularmuse for all her jewelry designs are based on chemical structures.

The structures may not be familiar to non-scientists but some of her jewelry photographs sure give big hints. Like the coffee beans below which provide the background for her caffeine sterling silver earrings. We all know caffeine is the stimulant in our coffee or tea which wakes us up in the morning.  

Theobromine is another caffeine-like stimulant found in chocolate such as the piece of dark chocolate used to prop up her theobromine earrings. You don't have to be a chemist to see that both pairs of earrings look a little a like because the chemical structures for caffeine and theobromine are somewhat similar.

Feeling hot? That might be due to the hot chilli peppers you ate recently for these contain the chemical capsaicin which is the cause of the burning sensation in your mouth. Her capsaicin pendant necklace could symbolise how "hot" you are!

But my favourite is her estrogen pendant necklace photographed with purple flower petals for it is perfect for those who are going through hot flushes! Estrogen is the female sex hormone used in hormone replacement therapy to relieve the embarrassing symptom of approaching menopause.

Dopamine (represented by her pendant on a pink background) is an important neurotransmitter in the brain, the lack of which causes the disease Parkinson's disease which is a movement disorder. One famous sufferer is the actor Michael J. Fox.

Serotonin is a catch-all neurotransmitter which regulates our moods, emotions, sleep and appetite. Lowered levels of serotonin results in insomnia, aggressive behavior, depression and other negative effects. That is why Raven coupled her serotonin structure with a happy disc! Her neurotransmitter charm bracelet is a brilliant combination for it features several chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which are important for our good health.

Check out Raven's Etsy Shop . She is a proud member of proud member of EcoEtsy, CCCOE, and MSOE, the Mad Scientists of Etsy.
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