Remember Christina Onassis? She was the archetypal poor little rich girl. The only daughter of the Greek tycoon, Aristotle Onassis who married Jacqueline Kennedy five years after JFK was assassinated. Christina may have lived a life of luxury but it was one filled with strife and tragedy. Her parents had a stormy marriage and eventually divorced. In just a 24 month period, she lost her brother in a plane crash, her mother committed suicide and then her father died. Christina's adult life was marred by eating disorders, drug abuse and depression.

Although she successfully ran the family business after her father died, her pursuit for personal happiness was less so. She married and divorced four times. Christina had a daughter with her last husband, Thierry Roussel,a Frenchman, three years before her death in 1987 at 37. Well, that daughter, Athina Roussel is now 23 and decided to sell her mother's jewelry because she has no need of it.

The highlight of the Onassis auction last month was the above diamond necklace which went for £3.6 million - almost half of the £6.8 million total for Christina Onassis' jewelry. The 38 carat pear shaped diamond is practically flawless. According to the colourless diamond grading scale, it is the top notch 'D' or icy white level.

Athina is the sole heiress to the Onassis fortune, worth £1.3 billion.

The Beading Gem's Journal