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Pixel Jewelry - Stolen Jewels by MikeandMaaike

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Dutch born Maaike Evers and Mike Simonian are industrial designers behind which is based in San Francisco. Innovative and experimental approaches are the hallmark traits of such designers and they both aptly showed how thinking outside the box can yield unusual results.

They wanted to explore the "tangible vs. virtual". So what they did was to scour the internet for images of really expensive baubles by famous jewelers. They took these images and changed them into extremely low resolution forms - similar to when you try and print photographs which were taken with too few pixels. They then transferred (printed) the images into cleverly scored leather for reincarnated jewelry. No wonder they called this design line Stolen Jewels. The design on the left is Imelda Marcos' Ruby and Diamond necklace by Van Clef and Arpels.

The first of the two necklaces below pays homage to Daisy Fellowes "Tutti Frutti" Ensemble, Cartier, 1936. Tutti frutti means all fruits in Italian and fits the multi-gemstone style which is one of Cartier's famous and enduring specialties. The collection features platinum, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, onyx and diamonds. You can see a picture of the original necklace here.

The bottom picture shows the necklace inspired by the fabulous " Great Chrysanthemum Diamond necklace" by Julius Cohen 1963. The original necklace features a huge pear-shaped brilliant cut fancy orange-brown diamond weighing 104.15 carats.

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  1. Very clever but looking at them makes me want to keep rubbing my eyes, everything seems blurry!

  2. My gosh, Pearl, great idea but you'd get crosseyed just looking at them!

  3. Somebody just told me she actually restarted her computer when she saw these pictures because she thought something was wrong!! The jewelry does make you look twice.

  4. Wow, that's really neat. Thanks for sharing Pearl!

  5. Very interesting Pearl. I'm not sure is I absolutely LOVE it or just plain HATE it!!!! I'm so confused. Wish I could find my glasses!!

  6. Well now, that's different. I could send him a bunch of my photos - save him some time - he could eliminate the pixelating step!

  7. That's a riot, nhbeader!! I'm sure we could all come up with a whole bunch of blurry pictures to donate!


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