Ponoko is an exciting new and truly innovative web service. It offers a one-stop make-on-demand service where you can get help designing your own jewelry, upload the finished product plans to the nearest Ponoko factory and let them make it and ship it back to you. At this point, you can keep the item just for yourself or you can take pictures, set a price and load it onto their online shop and sell it. If someone buys it, Ponoko will ship it directly to the customer for you. The advantages are awesome - no inventory, no minimum order and no need to find an alternative marketing site.

You're probably wondering - how much is this going to cost? Well, joining is free. They offer online tools like guides and templates to help you come up with designs. If you're not up to working from scratch, they offer some product plans for sale and some for free which you can mix and match to come up with something unique. You naturally have to pay for the materials you use upfront. The online storefront is free to set up. If you are any good, you can even sell original product plans!

This service still appeals to people like us as you can make the kind of jewelry that requires a laser cutter - not many of us have those in our home workshops! The products showcased are predominantly jewelry so I have selected my favourites to show here. The current Ponoko Design Challenge will award the top 20 designers with with free advertising on their home page and their designs will be made for free for all buyers for a whole month! The winner will be chosen from the 20 and will get $1000.

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