Book Review

You know, if I didn’t know better, I could have sworn Margie Deeb wrote her latest book The Beader’s Colour Palette for me. This author celebrates colour in a way that totally appeals to someone like me – it’s obvious why if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. It’s not just the sumptious colours which I adore but the examples on how we can get inspired. When you are truly creative, ideas can come from many sources -nature, from a history or travel book or if you are lucky, your own travels perhaps even the latest natural history documentary on tv. Our world and our history have so much to offer.

The book has both inspirational and project designs by Margie herself and several other artisans ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Each and every design, no matter the difficulty level strives to show readers what they can do combining technique with colour. A section of how-tos can be found at the end of the book for those who need a refresher on basic techniques such as wire-wrapping and the beading stitches.

The book is divided into 5 main chapters or themes. The first is all about the Elements - water, air, earth and of course fire! These hues cover the cool to warm to distinctly hot ranges!

Then there are the Historical Palettes. From Ancient Egypt, Ancient Minoa, Early civilizations, Medieval & Byzantine, Rococo, Baroque to Modern Art -this is history buff heaven and therefore my favourite section. Margie's clever necklace project called "Collar of Glass and Light" used daggers and the rich blue, gold and green colours inspired by the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. It is a fabulous project worth trying.

Cultures of our World covers Latin America, India, Nepal & Tibet, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East – each with a distinct style and flair for colour. This Gorgeous Planet shows our world is indeed infused with colour– from the rich hues of lush tropical rainforests to the vivid blues of the Mediterranean Sea to the desert colours of the America Southwest.

Living Colour is the section on insects, flowers and beautiful creatures both on land and in the sea which can teach us about colours and colour combinations. One outstanding inspirational design is the peacock necklace.

This book has not been out for long and it already has become my favourite inspirational book. I will be referring to it often and especially when I lose my mojo to bead!

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