June brought to a beading party a lovely multistrand necklace she had bought in a store down in the States some time ago. It was a rather lovely mother of pearl shell necklace in an unusual combination of turquoise and taupe.

She only paid $5 for it! Apparently the clasp broke when the store assistant was bringing it to her to have a look. As the shop couldn't sell it, June decided to accept their offer of $5 for it. June hung onto it waiting for a day when she could find someone to help her fix it. That would be me.

Replacing the clasp was easy. It was then that I noticed the connectors were actually for four strands (see top left). June had removed the fourth one because she preferred less on her necklace. So we both decided that the odd strand which she also brought to the beading party could be taken apart, redesigned and made into two pairs of earrings and a couple of bracelets. One set for herself perhaps and another for her granddaughter. What an amazing investment return for just $5!!

Beader Design #: 383
The Beading Gem's Journal