Gemstones are also available as Egyptian or mini-fans. This are sets of graduated cut pieces of gemstones which really are super to use in necklace designs. Ashley chose a blackstone set. There are two main ways to use fans as focal pieces. Either group them together or space them out as Ashley has done with small cube beads. She did a fantastic job with her choice and colours of beads. Her black and white theme extended to the double strands of cube beads going through some nugget shaped black beads with grey stripes. Just a little beadweaving goes a long way!

Blackstone is obtained from a variety of stones - many are likely to be black jasper. Blackstone is a great alternative to hematite/hemalyke because, whilst they are polished, they don't have the high sheen of the latter. Sometimes you don't want shiny!

Beader Design # :385
The Beading Gem's Journal