Corra over at Decorshandmades tagged me with the Random Things About You post. It is kind of fun to discover a few odd things about bloggers so here goes with Six Things about the Beading Gem. The chain maille bracelet here was something I made earlier this summer.

1. My mother named me Pearl because it is the jewel of the month I was born (June). I disliked my name when I was younger because it was so old fashioned. I got tired of hearing people say something like "Oh, that's my great-aunt's/grandmother's name too!" But ever since I started making jewelry and teach the craft, it has been a perfect fit. Once, a young lady at a beading party said, in a loud stage whisper to her friend, "That can't be her real name!". It is. Really.

2. I love collecting odd facts and trivia. I can't remember what I ate for supper three nights ago but I remember all sorts of information especially anything historical such as the names of the six wives of Henry VIII - in the right order. You know, stuff that has absolutely no value in my daily life but which intrigues a curious person like me.

3. I am a cat-lover. I own two cats or more accurately, they own me. Clipsy, a beautiful fluffy grey and white cat and Neeko, a tabby teenage terror.

4. I enjoy gardening and believe that with that hobby and jewelry making, I've got the whole year covered. When it is lovely outside, I like pottering amongst my garden beds, banishing weeds. When we are in the depths of a Canadian winter, I am just as content to make jewelry (or blog!) indoors.

5. I admit I am a science geek for my day job is in a research laboratory. This science geek likes all sorts of technology and the internet as well as history. Go figure.

6. My favourite cuisine is Thai. My friend and co-instructor, Debbie (Widget's Beads) share a weakness for noodles. We are on a taste test mission to sample all the noodle dishes at various eateries in town.

The whole object of this exercise is to introduce other blogs and the links don't hurt either. Here are the jewelry bloggers we'd like to know more about :

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6. Diana Norman of DianaNormanDesigns

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